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Northern Soul Theme Event

The Classic Rare Soul Package

The Northern Soul culture has a lot to offer as a theme Event; the music, the history, the style and of course the challenging dance moves.

Some of Backstreet’s top DJ’s have been involved with the Northern Soul scene since their youth, back in the 70’s, and are therefore extremely knowledgeable about the Northern Soul phenomenon.

Our Theme Event concept involves an A-V presentation of what Northern Soul is, explaining it’s history, development and of course the music and dance style that grew out of this wonderful underground culture. We follow this by showing you the basic dance steps that form the basis of Northern Soul dancing – if you thought that Salsa was the be all and end all, then wait till you try this! What then follows is hours dancing to fantastic original Northern Soul sounds provided by our club DJ’s.

We provide all the sound and lighting equipment and of course turn up for the event with our vinyl (records) and the know-how that promises to keep the dance floor shaking.

Our Northern Soul Theme Event is great for business or product promotions, as part of a festival arrangement, for student parties or as a happening.

Write to us with your requirements and ideas and we’ll get back to you with a quote for your special event.


For our Northern Soul Theme Event we send two to three DJ’s, depending upon the size of the event .


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