20th Anniversary DJ pult recording

Interview with Russ Winstanley

Kasper Interviews Wigan Casino DJ Russ Winstanley about  & the Northern Soul scene

When Russ Winstanley was visiting Denmark we recorded an interview where Russ talks about the legendary Northern Soul Club Wigan Casino, which Russ started in 1971. Listen to Russ as he talks about his life's passion for Soul music and about the Northern Soul scene. we've edited the interview together with sound-clips from Backstreet's 20th anniversary event, where Russ was the guest DJ

Studio recording: Kasper Bredahl Rasmussen
Sound editing: Ken Lunn

Interview Stream


Backstreet dub for Roskilde Festival radio 2012

Roy, Kasper and Ken 2 hours of studio quality radio. Enjoy!

Backstreet Radio Stream


If you like the radio stream, then let us know, we might just make it a regular feature on the website...


Too Darn Soulful

Radio documentary about the Northern Soul scene

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In The club

A documentary about Wigan Casino and the Northern Soul scene in England. Sit back and enjoy... thanks to those who put it on YouTube. It's in 8 parts.

In the Club (Video)


Keeping the faith - a documentary

A well made documentary about the Northern Soul scene produced by the BBC. The documentary is presented by Paul Mason, an economics journalist, who (mis)spent his youth in the underground club scene in the north of England in the late 70's and 80's. This is one of the best documentaries ever made about the scene. Fran Franklin, a Wigan Casino stalwart from back in the day, and one of the dance advisor for the up and coming film by Elaine Constantine, 'Northern Soul - The Film', is also featured in the program. Fran unfortunately departed this world on the 6th May (2014) to dance in a much greater place - God bless Fran, KTF.

Northern Soul - Keeping the Faith from Maurice O'Brien on Vimeo.


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