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Backstreet Patch and Pin-on badges

To order patches and badges please send a mail to the address below with the quantity required and your address. You'll be contacted regards payment via PayPal. Thanks

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Backstreet Patch

For those of you that didn't know, the club patch idea is synonymous with the Northern Soul scene. Every club had it's own logo and patch. The fans would collect the patches from the clubs and events they visited and sow them onto their holdalls, which they would take  to the all-nighters packed with a change of clothes (or three) and some talcum powder. The clothes because dancing all night in a packed club can be a sweaty experience and the ubiquitous talcum powder to lower the friction on the souls of the shoes for dancing by sprinkling it on the dance floor... Oh yes, I forgot; also a bottle of Brut aftershave to ease the nostrils of the early morning shoppers who might be on the same bus as the soul fans on there way home.

The Backstreet Patch has, the Dancing Man logo and the year the club started embroidered on a stiff cotton facing. The patch is washable.




The real size of the Patch is approx 6.5cm dia.

Price DKK Kr. 50,00 (GBP 5.00) Excluding postage (standard letter rates)

To order the patch contact the club



Backstreet & Northern Soul Pin-on badges



Badge 1 (Backstreet)           Badge 2 (NS Fist)         Badge 3 (DK Fist)            Badge 4 (NS KTF)


The real size of the Pin-on badges is approx 2.5cm dia.

Price DKK Kr. 30,00 (GBP 3.00) Excluding postage (standard letter rates)

To order A Pin-on badges contact the club


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