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September 23rd

Back at Underhuset with the opening of the autumn/winter season.

Come and join us and get the 'dark night' season off to a bright start. Doors open 22.00 (as usual). There will be a chance to buy tickets for the 25th Anniversary event in November (see link on the right)


Past Events

When we did what and where?


September 1st 2nd & 3rd.

South of France Soul Weekender

Under the sun with friends from all around Europe.

Ken and a regular guest DJ at Backstreet, Sebastian (SE), had a great time spinning some tunes at the second South of France weekender. Great venue, great people and some fantastic music being played by the other DJ's.


April 9th Underhuset

Halmtorvet 9, 1700 Copenhagen

Talc and more talc
Another stormer of a night, with enough talc to powder the backside of a baby that's the size of a small planet.... Thanks for turning up and making the night great.

Doors open at 22.00



Backstreet Underhuset

6th February

First event of 2016 at our regular venue

Thanks for turning up and making this a great night. We the promoters & DJ's had a great time serving up the best soul music at Copenhagen's only Northern Soul Club.


Backstreet Christmas party

December 5th 2015

We Decked the Halls with dancin

Thanks to everyone who turned up to the Christmas event. Nice cosy atmosphere and it was great to see Søren behind the decks at Backstreet once again.




November 7th Underhuset

Thanks to everybody who came to the event and made it a great night, especially our friends from Norway and Sweden; fantastic to see that Northern Soul is well established in Scandinavia. Special thanks to Todd, our guest DJ.


September 5th Underhuset

In the words of a Northern Classic: 'Summer is over and we have parted, nothing is left of the dreams we started...' Well, the start of the new season came with a couple of major gremlins - A storm, thanks to nature and the collapse of the Dankort system thanks to NETS.... Bad weather and no way to buy drinks - even Northern Soul can't stand up to that. See you all on the 7th November; it's got to be a better night (statistically !).


May 2nd Underhuset

Thanks to our guest Eike for for helping us put on a real classic Northern Soul night. Up tempo music, an intomate atmosphere and a swinging dancfloor....


April 18th Jazzhouse

This was really a night to remember - the atmosphere and the crowd made the night magic. A big big thank-you to our co-organisers CPH PIX (Copenhagen Film Festival) and Jazzhouse, not to mention Kev Roberts and Elaine Constantine - and last but not least, you the people that made it happen; the dancers.

Mr Roberts doing the business on the decks

I guess they must have liked that 45 then...

We often get a few celebrities popping in for a dance!

A DJ's and a promoter's dream - a packed dance floor!

Thanks to you all!

See more pics from the event here


March 21st - Underhuset
Halmtorvet 9, 1700 Copenhagen V

As usual, great crowd and a great dance event - thanks for helping us swing the
Copenhagen nightlife

February 6th - Underhuset
Halmtorvet 9, 1700 Copenhagen V

As usual, great crowd and a great Starting the year as we mean to go on - great night had by all. Great crowd, thanks to you all.

December 6th - Underhuset
Halmtorvet 9, 1700 Copenhagen V

Thanks for a great Christmas event. The promoters and DJ's had a great time keeping the music up-tempo all night long. Special thanks to our guest DJ David. See you all in 2015.


November 1st - Underhuset, Halmtorvet 9,
1700 Copenhagen

In the words of Mr Frankie Valli: 'Oh What a Night' - Maybe not the most soulful record played on the scene, but the title describes well our event on the 1st Nov. Great night with a packed dance-floor and great sounds been played by our guest Todd and the resident DJ's - Also great to see Nick behind the decks again.


October 4th - Underhuset
9, 1700 Copenhagen V

Yet another great night at Backstreet, dancing till the late hours and loving every minute! The DJ crew, including our guest Sebastian, that would like to thank all of you that came for making our job a pure pleasure. To have a passion for the music is fantastic, but to be able to see the passion in the dancers we play for moves it up to another level - So Move on Up (as Curtis Mayfield once said)


September 12th - Underhuset
Halmtorvet 9, 1700 Copenhagen V

A great start to the winter season - sorry about having to move the date, but we had problems at the venue with flooding.
It was a fantastic intimate night anyway, and super to see Luddy from
Götteborg spinning his 45's once again in Copenhagen.



June 6th - Underhuset, Halmtorvet 9,
1700 Copenhagen V

Yes we all did it again, a great 23rd anniversary thanks to you the dancers and the DJ's and promoters; Guests Jonas, Nik B and Søren and the residents Roy and Kasper.


May 3rd - Underhuset, Halmtorvet 9, 1700 Copenhagen V

What can we say? Well a big thank-you would be in order to all those that came and made it a night to remember. The energy and atmosphere that the new venue provided just mixed with the music and you, the crowd, and created a sublime evening. It's rare to feel that Northern Soul vibe thing outside the UK, but thanks to you all; club-goers, the staff at Underhuset and the guest DJ's (Sebastian & Todd), we did it!



Oktober 19th - Haven, Ny Carlsberg Vej

Great night, top sounds, well worth the trip from Odense!!

Keith Higham


Great thanks to Nick, Ying, Liang, dancing teacher (Ken), DJ,s and all you wonderful people who made this event an experience with plenty of SOUL. I'm looking forward to the next event....

Palle Nielsen


Thank you for a lovely, soulful evening! Dancing lessons were great!

Mia Munck Bruns


Thanks to everybody for a great night... We enjoyed it as much as you all did.
All the best and Keep the faith from:

Todd, Mark and the Backstreet Crew: Nick, Roy, Kasper and Ken.


What a great night. Thank you all for the ovation after my second spot. I really enjoyed myself. See yawll next time KTF Mark

Summer is almost over and the dark nights are calling us to the dance floor. On Saturday 19th October, Roy, Kasper, Ken, Mark and Todd will be spinning some great 45's. Hope to see you all out on the floor. Make a date in your calendar.


21.00 - 22.00; kr. 40,00 (dance instruction starts 21.15 - 22.00)
22.00 - Late; kr. 60,00




March 15th - Haven, Ny Carlsberg Vej

So the first event of 2013 is planned. We're really looking forward to bring you the best of the worlds original club dance music - Northern soul.

The DJ line-up included the usuals, an oldie and a newcomer. The oldie, Niolaj (Ghetto Soul), did a great job spinning his fabulous 45's together with Kasper & Ken. Andreas (Tower City) was a newcomer to the decks at Backstreet (but not a newcomer to our dance floor).

Thanks for making it a great night.



After the event, Christian wrote:

Hey soulsters,
Just want to thank you for a great night in march at Haven. I was celebrating my birthday so I invited a lot of friends to the dance instruction at the beginning of the night, since they were all newcomers on the Northern Soul scene. We had a great time, and everyone is asking when is the next time - we wanna come again!

So I hope it won\'t be too long before I can get on the floor to tracks like Sam Dee's: Lonely for you Baby - And next time I'll bring along a bunch of friends

cheers from Christian


Thanks Christian, hope to see you at the next event!


14th December - Christmas bash (Private event)

I (Ken) had a great night introducing some newcomers to the music at a Northern Soul theme event for my good friend Graeme and all of his students. Hope that you all enjoyed the evening. Maybe see you at our event in March.

Many thanks,



Backstreet 21st anniversary event. 1st December 2012

What a fantastic night... you were just a great crowd to play for. All the DJ's said how much fun it was playing that night. DJ'ing is a strange business, and well, sometimes everything just falls into place; the rhythm, the atmosphere, the crowd on the floor, and when it happens finding which 45 to put on the turntable just becomes part of the bigger picture and everything just 'moves 'n grooves'.

So for all you soulies out there who made the night happen by simply being there a BIG THANKS from the Backstreet team: Nick, Roy, Kasper & Ken, and of course our guest DJ Jonas.



See you all out on the floor KTF



Roskilde Festival Radio

We were there... or at least our studio reecorded Backstreet Northern Soul Mix was.

Didn't catch it!... Never mind, you can hear it here:

Backstreet Radio Stream



Saturday 9th June 2012

The Haven All-nighter... What a night... great event at a super venue we look forward to our next event their after the summer holidays.

Thanks to Kevin & Christina from Haven and all the dancers that turned up to make it an unforgettable event.


Saturday 28th January 2012

Thanks to everyone who made the event at Club Klaffbron fantastic... the EGLO team, the band and not least the club goers who were on fire. We had a great night playing our up tempo 60's Northern Soul vinyl to the insatiable crowd. Hope to see you again soon,


Kasper & Ken


Backstreet in Sweden - Kasper and Ken are the guest DJ's at Club Klaffbron, Malmö's hottest venue on the 28th of January. Inspired by the live-dance-clubs of the 60's, Everybody Gets Lonely Sometimes is putting on an extraordinary dance-night beyond imagination. We're talking mini-skirts, gogo-boots, paisley-shirts, parkas, Hammond-organs, tambourines, girl-groups and dance-euphoria

Live on stage is the eight piece resident soul-combo E.G.L.O, fronted by the lovely girl group-trio The Clitts. Special guests at the event are two of Sweden's best singers, Theodor Jensen and Anna Maria Espinosa, who will be performing their favourite soul and old-school R&B-songs together with the band.

The venue Klaffbron is located very close to the Central Station in Malmö and the trains run all night long.... We'll provide the beat, you just need to get your dancing shoes on and hit the floor!

Saturday 19th November 2011

Backstreet 20th Anniversary event with special guest DJ Russ Winstanley, the legendary creator of the Northern Soul flagship club Wigan Casino!

See some footage and photos from the event

20th Anniversary event


Friday 18th November 2011

We've been invited to hold a 'warm-up' at Von Fressen on the 18th, the night prior to the big event. Come and join us at this cosy venue in the heart of Vesterbro; 22.00 til late.

See Von Fressen på Facebook here


November 2011

Planning a big 20th anniversary event with a real special surprise. Join the mailing list to keep updated and receive information about the biggest Northern Soul event ever in Scandinavia.


December 2011 / Januar 2012

Following our 20th anniversary party we are planning to return to having a regular Northern Soul event on the Copenhagen night scene. We are also planning a mixed Soul/funk dance music event for early next year. If it's a hit, then we'll make that a regular event also. So lots of chances to dance away the rest of 2011 and dance into 2012... Keep your soul alive and your feet moving!


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Backstreet 25th Anniversary

We've asked a couple of friends to pop by and spin some 45's for you!

Ginger Taylor

Dave Rimmer

For more info klik here


Nik B and Ken on the way to play at Ghetto Soul All-Nighter in Aalborg... 'Does that really say Casino' ?


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