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Nick (UK)
The name Backstreet originally comes from the name of the Edwin Starr classic. The song really reminds me of my time on the northern soul scene, and it is one of the inspirations that got the scene started in Denmark back in 1991.

I have always liked the more up-tempo soul sounds; fantastic dance rhythms and great memories. It has always been my dream to see a Northern Soul scene functioning in Denmark and it's great to see how the club and the scene has developed over the years. Thanks to all who turn up. Keep on coming.

Nick's top 5

  • Edwin starr: Backstreet- Rictic.

  • Etta James: Seven day fool - Atco.

  • Showstoppers: Heartbreaker - Beacon.

  • Deon Jackson: That's what you do to me- Carla.

  • Syng McGowan: That's what I want- Hope.

Ken (UK)
I started listening to Northern Soul about 37 years ago, dancing away at youth clubs in North Yorkshire, and I got hooked… Once the music gets into your system it stays their, even 20 years 'out of the scene' didn't help cure me (thankfully).

The great music and the fantastic atmosphere that always accompanies a Northern Soul event has to be experienced… It's just pure joy. As can be seen from my top five play list, I'm a big fan of the classic 60's soul sound. The fantastic musical arrangements, the musicianship and the syncopated rhythms adopted by the producers of 60's soul has, in my opinion, never been equalled. Fantastic dance music that has, and always will be able to stand the test of time!

Ken's top 5

  • Sheila Ferguson: Heartbroken Memories

  • Paul Anka: I Can't Help Loving You

  • The Glories I Worship You Baby

  • Poets: She Blew a Good Thing

  • Precisions: If This is Love

  • Helen Shapiro: Tell him What You Said

Kasper (DK)
Kasper plays under the name of DJ Skurk around in the City. He has been arranging club events the last 11 years including a broad spectrum of music stiles but it's Northern Soul that has his heart.

Got his first Northern Soul record 6 years ago and was stuck every since. His mission is to get the Danish audition to discover the beauty of the originally soul music. He has played in all the bigger Copenhagen clubs including Vega, Rust, Stengade. Besides that he has done guest spots in Malmo and Vienna.

Kaspar's top 5

  • Gloria Jones - Tainted Love - Champion

  • Just Brothers - Carlena - Garrison

  • Steve Mancha - Friday Night - Groovesville

  • Lou Lawton - Knick Knack Patty Wack - Wand

  • The Kittens - Lookie, Lookie - ABC

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